Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Legendary collection 2

Holy poop this binder comes with such good stuff common thunder king rai oh, all Elemental Hero cards and all Gladiator beast including Heraklino, Judgment Dragon, Gateway of the six,then foil d.d.crow, foil d prison,secret super poly. If you are just starting in yugioh this is a must by. Im snatchin three of them.Here's the link

Monday, July 25, 2011

Next week sabers

Tonight i didn't do so well at my locals I went 3-3 with my six sam. it's a sad day first match up was this player who used janky black wings I had to coach him a little bit before I wrecked him, then I played against some plants  and i 2-0 him fast, then lost to legit plants, lost to mirror match, then won to janky plants naturai, then i don't care after that and lost to plants. plants suck. I wish I had my sabers up to par I want to play a new deck so bad. I want that reprint for eblade so bad. but i got a super rekindling for nothing, then I got three doom caliber knights. next week I'm definitely running x sabers

Hidden Arsenal: Special Edition

This is what I've been waiting for the reprint of Emmersblade the necessary card for x sabers 
Hidden Arsenal: Special Edition is a set containing the first three Hidden Arsenal releases and 1 of 2Variant Cards of a highly sought-after key card from the Hidden Arsenal monster themes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My yugioh record

I have just recently been playing my six sam deck at my locals and I got to say i cleaned house with it.
I entered at 2:30 and went right to play testing my x sabers I've decided to rebuild since emmersblade is getting reprinted and I kinda like sabers. I used to play it around when book was at three but after I heard emmersblade is getting reprinted i sold it as soon as possible. but when the tourney started I used six sam and went undefeated i must say i am the yugioh master.